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You are aware of fashion trend?

Have to say, the fashion circle is really eight days a day change, when you are still thinking about re-entering a chain from the bag when that fashion, STOP! Wake up, and now the chain package are out of favor, wide shoulder bag bag is the future of the main theme of the package sector!

However, a wide shoulder bag to become everyone’s heart good should also be late. Because compared to the chain bag, the wide shoulder bag is really a lot of advantages

① the liberation of the shoulders, do not worry about the shoulder Le pain friends.
② can be installed with practical things are not afraid of more.
③ leather shoulder strap, durable does not fade.

I believe there are back chain bag girl should experience deep, chain package is good-looking is good-looking, but the drawback is really many, often careless low-head or turn the body chain are likely to twist into a ball, is slightly embarrassing. Now eyes, wide shoulder bag bag is the best of both worlds, both good-looking and both practical.

In fact, to trace the source, then, is the first Chanel in 2012, “Paris – Mumbai” early autumn series, they have to put all the bags were a wide shoulder strap.

Perhaps it was untimely, when the Chanel wide strap bag is just a flash in the pan, but really this stock boom also thanks to Fendi launched in late 2015 “Strap you” strap series, this series has been introduced Let the fashionable fine put it down.

Gucci 2016 spring and summer out of the new Sylvie Bag strap canvas production, width enough to be able to play beautiful bow, soft canvas strap and leather shoulder strap compared to which is more comfortable, nice!

There are a lot of brand-name bags have wide shoulder strap series. Here is committed to create a new service concept, and to advocate elegant wardrobe fashion. The spring encourages you to wide your style limitations and include these replica handbags into your wardrobe.




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