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replica dior handbags

A synonym for French fashion – replica Dior handbags

The 21st century is a century of the pursuit of fashion, with the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demand for luxury goods is also growing, and now, the international community has a lot of luxury brands. In many international brands, which is the most beloved? Is full of a small woman exquisite atmosphere of the Chanel, or exudes Vanity Fan LV, or the integration of the charming and tough Dior bag it? In Xiaobian view, Dior brand in the eyes of many women is undoubtedly the most attractive one. Here, I came to introduce the next Dior brand and several classic Dior bags.

French fashion synonymous: Dior

Christian Dior, referred to as Dior, is a famous French fashion consumer brands. Is the world’s largest high fashion brand holding company: Moët Hennessy -Louis Vuitton, LVMH Group, is a French wine and luxury goods manufacturing group. Dior holds 42.38% of LVMH Group’s common stock and 59.3% of the voting rights.
Dior company by the French fashion designer Christian Dior (Christian Dior, January 21, 1905 – October 24, 1957) founded and headquartered in Paris. Mainly engaged in women’s, men’s, jewelry, perfume, cosmetics, children’s wear, and other high-end consumer goods. The men’s brand is now independent of men’s Dior.

Noble and elegant: Diana package

In the Dior bag, there are several models can be described as classic does not decline it. They are the famous Diana package, exquisite woman’s New Lock (the audience 10 fold, the lowest 1,400 yuan) series, and the recent concern Granville, and very suitable for the work of the SOFT series. I believe we are very familiar with Diana package. In 1995 September, when Princess Wales Diana attended the “Cezanne exhibition”. Mrs. Chirac (former French President’s wife) will be a Dior new handbags donated to Princess Diana. So this bag will have a “Dai Fei package” call it. And this bag is indeed the best sales in the Dior, it can be said to evergreen paragraph. Whether in the fashion show, a large party or daily life, you can see many women carrying this bag.
With the fashion style: Replica Dior Granville handbags

Compared to the elegance of Diana bag, Replica Dior Granville handbags can be said to be more casual fashion. This bag selection of relatively soft sheepskin material, design inspiration is derived from Gangweila cheerful way of life. With this bag can be compared with the more casual fashion clothes, look even more vibrant Oh!
Gentle and pleasant: Replica Dior New Lock Pouch Bags

The Replica Dior New Lock Pouch Bags is more gentle and small woman temperament, Liangpi, Lingge, the chain can be said to highlight the design of mature femininity is a lot of white-collar, Mature choice.

SOFT series is also very suitable for the workplace, the atmosphere and yet stylish, tough yet charming, this is a small series of recent love it. These are the classic Dior bags in several styles, I believe that we must see the beauty of the coveted it, and this is the charm of Dior, people unable to stop the beautiful and moving.

Dior always have a different understanding of the fashion trend, always be able to release some amazing works, perhaps it is this innovative concept of creation before Dior can stand in the fashion industry, the root cause of it.




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