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Gucci garden Propaganda film & replica Gucci handbags

Pythons, tigers, insects, beasts come! Are you afraid? But to these animals and Gucci linked, I am afraid the Queen said that love is too late! Girls like Gucci replica bag is not a day or two of it, the end of the holidays is also time to stimulate the girls under the package of feelings, and see the 2016 holiday gift series fashion large, can not help but think of Haizi verse, I only wish to Such a beautiful life really makes people yearning, who do not want to have today to. Alessandro Michele gucci in the position of creative director of Gucci day, I believe Gucci replica bag is difficult to sway with these flowers and insects beast it, the Italian luxury brand Gucci release 2016 “Gift Giving gift” series of advertising, directed by the artist and director Floria Sigismondi directed. This season series of gifts to Gucci garden as the inspiration clue, captured in the vivid colors, in the poetic lens complained about full of rich emotional Eden mythology, green leisurely garden, people enjoy all kinds of breathing and body stretch impulse.

From the beauty of nature and pure vitality of love, Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele planted a business Gucci garden, and the park’s rich wildlife is transformed into a romantic colorful printing totem, runs through this series in.

The new holiday gift series to Gucci garden as the inspiration clue, captured in the vivid colors, in the poetic lens under the full of rich feelings of the Eden myth. Gorgeous colorful flowers, and full of exotic animals, including tigers, zebra, birds, bees, hares, and even the mysterious unicorn, live in the world like wandering in the fantasy-like Gucci garden.

In addition, the lens in the Smart coral snakes, lush green trees and bright red trees constitute a harmonious mood, is to reproduce the innocence of Adams and Eve. When Donizetti composed by Il Dolce Suono sounded by the ear mellowed, romantic and mysterious atmosphere can not help but ecstatic relaxation.




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