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With the Louis Vuitton replica handbag planning tricks continue to increase, take Louis Vuitton replica handbag approach also followed the vagaries of them. In addition to Kua, mention, carry the kind of routine action, but also more like a pinch fast food bag as pinch, lightly holding the chain around the wrist and even the shape of the movement like the heart of the action. Treat the expensive Louis Vuitton handbag mood is like to treat the clothes as casual, some people even think that can be negligent carry the existence of the loop. Louis Vuitton replica handbag after the dress with the dress again after the deployment of this round of survival of the fittest, take the law of innovation for them invented a new may.

To see how the clothing idol is done – Keira Knightley in a recent red carpet ceremony, constantly twist off the Louis Vuitton handbag metal chain, looks like a proud to face the lens of the Hollywood star , And resembles a serious female student who has just entered school. Kate Moss, who was named in the same way as the Louis Vuitton handbag, went to the end of the year in Beijing to “Vogue” a Chinese awards ceremony will be a chain of evening bag hand casually pinch in the hand (and Not routinely put it on the long chain back on the shoulder), all the chains are almost pinch in the hands and hang a few, almost can not see what the package and the chain is what gesture, as if part of the hand decoration. Look at Chloe Sevigny, the gesture is like we usually pinch the takeaway bag as light, not a million dollars of the handbag, recently she will frequently micro-hand bag hanging on the wrist, overthrown the original female star who love the hand Bag of habits.

On these new approach, the appearance of the division’s idea is, please let your envelope big hand package as much as possible into all the appearance, such as sandwiched with a newspaper like coffee caught in the armpit. Carry the role of the loop is now not as formal as in the past, but they are compared with accessories but not completely properly. In fact, not a female star and clothing idol brought out this section of the replica Louis Vuitton handbag holding a new wave of innovation, T-shaped platform to have a new way to get a demonstration, Louis Vuitton and Chloé mentioned earlier, the model Like a toy with the same playing with a variety of shapes of replica handbags and replica bags, wrist and palm are like in the joke, flexible almost like playing, although the discretionary, those golden chains and soft body can not be separated from you The vision. You can clearly feel that replica Louis Vuitton handbags have become more affectionate, and together seems to be more useful than usual, even in the past was seen only used in the dinner loaded with lipstick and mobile phone handbag, also become a drink Afternoon tea when the use of useful money.

In addition, to complete these free to take the law and visual effects, replica Louis Vuitton handbag should not be too full to prevent the inside out of things, as well as envelopes like software replica handbags general deformation. In the end, whether it is grasping or pinching around, your gestures must be beautiful, too serious hand to prevent.




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