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Whether you are shopping out, hiking trips, or attending fashion parties, eventually, an affordable and stylish Louis Vuitton handbag. A suitable Replica Fendi handbag is your personal companion, and it takes you all the debris unreservedly and makes it easy for you. I believe that many girls love the fashionable Replica Fendi handbag , who can not take anything to oppose their own bags, a stylish Replica fendi bag can enhance your charming temperament, you can also become a very personal items one.

Shortly after the end of a world war, Ms. Edward Casa Grande opened a “leather fur store” designed in Rome for a showcase and a Hollywood actress, which is now known worldwide Of the boutique kingdom – FENDI predecessor.

FENDI started with fur, is a starting from the beginning is the matriarchal family business. When the second generation of five daughters are all into the family business, the FENDI successfully into the international market. Until now by SilviaVenturini took over as the third generation descendant, has 80 years of history, following the PRADA, GUCCI, FENDI has become a century of alternating, but also a popular symbol of Milan fashion. FENDI family of good friends KarlLagerfeid, in 1965 until the granddaughter of Silvia took over, has been responsible for the design of FENDI clothing, Lagerfeld rich dramatic design concept to Fendi brand clothing access to the global fashion industry attention and praise, Lagerfeld and Fendi cooperation to double F letters for the identification of the mixed series is the French Chanel double C letters, the Italian Gucci double G letters, but also a fashion industry all know the double letter logo.

Fendi in the seventies to enter the luxury apparel market, the brand reputation to a new peak. A series of trend coat, fashion coat and the new skirt, creating a unique image of Fendi Woman. In the eighties, Fendi’s “double F” mark became synonymous with magnificent gorgeous, swept the world. In addition, Fendi with the attention of the Pequin strip pattern design, won a new group of advocates. At the same time, Fendi to meet the fashionable young customers, launched Fendissime sportswear and accessories series, the development of increasingly diversified.

In the nineties, Fendi opened a new page for the fashion industry. In 1997, Fendi carefully designed Baguette handbags available, this elegant chic, simple design of the rare handbags, instantly become ladies rush to buy the collection, Fendi in the handbag design leadership. Following the Baguette handbag, Fendi further highlights its trend of the pilot’s creativity and strength, in the millennium, Lu Ji introduced new products, including the beautiful Ostrik handbags, eye-catching Replica Fendi Diavolo and Replica Fendi Biga handbags, as well as the recent sensation debut Replica Fendi Chef handbag.




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