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Buy a car is easy to raise the car is difficult to buy a bag is also the case, the word contains the word actually contains many, and are linked to the money, in general, the use of bag maintenance is longer, but also help You save a lot of money, for the money for the bag to do maintenance, usually also by bag value to divide, cheap bag maintenance care costs low, expensive luxury bags in the counter care and maintenance and maintenance more , Do not think that expensive luxury bag will not be a problem, even if the value of hundreds of thousands of big bags, but also inevitably will be a long time will be dyed, fade, dirty doom, although buy a luxury bag Of people will be reluctant to maintain the cost of care, but if they can solve some small problems is not save money and save trouble?

Bag cleaning and maintenance of the problem is the love of each person more or less will encounter the problem, that for those who have leather bags, and even have LV small love Hermes GUCC these luxury bags of people , Care and maintenance is very important, what exactly how to care? If you can get some small problems, you can save a lot of money, so the beautiful bag based on years of experience with the luxury bags, finishing a number of luxury counter on the package of conservation methods, I believe we can help Little companions.

Luxury replica handbag care first or from the introduction of nursing care

Bags of daily maintenance is particularly important, a bag if it is very carefully treated with care, with a few years or even decades are no problem, it seems still quite texture. But if there is serious damage, even if sent to a professional care shop, and later may not restore the original appearance.

Daily basic maintenance from the dust bag began. When the bag is idle, take the wet towel to clear the surface of the dust, naturally dry after plugging paper or foam and other filler to prevent bag deformation. Remember: must be wrapped in dust bag, placed in a dry and ventilated, there is room without squeezing the cabinet, or particularly easy to gather dust.

Luxury replica bag how to be wet with water?

Bags should always keep clean and dry, if the rainy day bag accidentally leaching rain, do not put in the sun exposure or baking the fire, or prone to cortical fragmentation or oil edge melting phenomenon, this damage, but It is difficult to repair, can only be sent to a special care shop repair. Bags in general water, as long as the use of soft cloth light pressure, the water removed, placed in a ventilated place to dry naturally.

Luxury replica handbag should be how to care?

Summer girls are always the most waterful bags, especially a variety of light-colored bags, light-colored bags, although very suitable for summer back, but there is an unavoidable problem is: particularly easy to dye. Especially with the time when the pair of jeans, is simply a disaster combination. Is there any way to solve it?

Of course there are ways to solve. Wipe the surface of the bag with a cotton pad or a bag-specific sponge to clean the surface of the bag and remove the mild skin from the bag or stain it. But remember the right medicine, different material care methods are not the same, we used the best in the bag before the first place is not obvious.

The most effective way, of course, try not to wear jeans!

Under the way is not a luxury bag grease stains care methods:

If stained with grease stains, can be used for cloth clean, the remaining by its natural dissipation or special bag cleaning agent clean, can not be washed, and then let it naturally dry. Of course, the major brands also have a lot of leather decontamination cream, in addition to a special cortex can not be used, the general cattle, sheepskin can be used, rub a lot of it will be glossy!

Perhaps you most want to know is the Luxury replica bag crease how to care it:

Bag out of the crease, you can use the hair dryer, open to the cold wind, the first hand wrapped inside the package, while blowing with a hair dryer in front of the bag crease blow, after filling with the filler to fill the bag, you can save some More delicate leather Oh!

Special material care

Jeans, dust, grease, life, the threat to the bag so much, our bags are really easy to hurt, a lot of ordinary leather care methods, in addition to special care spray, care oil, with olive oil, cream Wipe the bag surface can also be a good maintenance bag, very effective.

Suede patent leather and other special leather how care?

For suede, lambskin This is not easy to take care of the material, should be the right medicine, difficult to take care of the suede bag if stained with grease or stains, you can first use the sticky roll to clean the surface, and then the soft animal brush Dirt brush away, and then use suede special spray, spray suede bag surface will form a protective film, can effectively protect your suede bag about half a year without leaving any water stains and other dirty things. But if this period of protection must be quickly fill the spray, is a very practical way.

Patent leather is very easy to produce cracks, so the use must be particularly careful, usually as long as the soft cloth with a handkerchief to wipe it. If the bag appears cracks, you can use a cloth with a special grease, and then gently wipe, you can become re-shiny.
Luxury replica bag hardware how to care?

The most easily faded on the bag is the metal parts or rivets. Just bought back when the hardware is sparkling, but with the use of easy to oxidation, it seems not so began to shine. General general care can use toothpaste, wipe the metal cleaning agent to wipe, or with the finest sandpaper gently polish the oxide layer, but the metal part of the rust or damage and other issues, or recommended to the professional shop for care The

The most easily at home to solve the place is the zipper, zipper is not easy to use, when the astringent can be painted on the zipper some white oil to make the zipper more lubricated easy to use, if no white oil can be replaced with salad oil, a small amount of some zipper Can become particularly smooth.

Well, I believe we have learned to learn a lot of ways to protect the bag, right? These simple and easy to operate method we can try, not close to our package Yan Yan and long life, the mood will become better.




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